The Doctor Has Always Been a Terrible Person

[SPOILERS from 1963 all the way through 2014. Not a lot of them, but some.] There are few things more polarizing in fandom than the regeneration »

Doctor Who Series 8 in Review

So, I fell off the wagon in terms of reviewing each episode each week, mainly because I stopped watching them weekly and started saving them up »

Doctor Who S8E3: Robot of Sherwood

[Please consider commenting via the forum because Facebook is icky.] "I'm not a hero!" - The Doctor [Caution: may contain spoilers] 7/10. TL;DR: The »

'Ello, Ello.

[Please consider commenting via the forum even if you read this on Facebook or G+] Recently, a new social medium named "Ello" has made a bit »

Apocalypse: Now?

[Please consider discussing this article over on the forum, even if you read it on FB or G+] I'm a couple weeks behind on Doctor Who »