Things Fall Apart: Forward

Things Fall Apart began as a game scenario I ran twice on Storium. Both iterations sadly petered out at roughly the same point in the story. Like every frustrated GM ever, I wanted to see what happened next. So when NaNoWrimo 2022 rolled around, I made an effort to start writing it as a novel.

Several character names, and some of their details, come from those sessions, with the permission of the players. I have endeavored, however, not to parrot how they played, but use the game sessions (as far as they went) simply as a guideline. I knew what I wanted the direction of the plot to be, then and now, and that’s what I’m writing.

I’d like to acknowledge the players now, both those whose characters directly inspired those in the story, and those who didn’t: Briar Hayes, Vic Vesey, Libby Aufderheide, J. C. Cohen, Melanie Gamble, and Stephanie and Patrick Ryan.

The inspiration for the AI “Chef” is not the South Park character, but the late, great Brock Peters, and his portrayal of Joseph Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

There will be more here as things progress! At least, I hope there will!