Welcome to Caffeine and Opinions

The journey of a thousand kilobytes begins with a single byte

Welcome to Caffeine and Opinions

Once upon a time, I worked for a company that provided life coaching. That company Had Problems and I eventually left, but I learned some pretty valuable things from the actual coaching I received.

Chief among the things I learned was: get out of your own way.

For a while, I managed exactly that…sort of. I started writing fiction regularly. It was intended to be mainly short fiction, and so I created a site for it, which is still out there, and may even still get added to, called Mikey's Microfiction. I’m still pretty happy with a lot of what I wrote there, so if you’re interested in science fiction and fantasy and don’t mind that there’s a lot of unfinished ideas there, please go read it!

Then the Pandemic Happened, and like a lot of people, I got derailed. And, like a lot of people, I feel like I’m finally emerging from that fog, and it’s time to get out of my own way again.

One thing I realized is that, even when I was getting out of my own way, I was not getting out of my own way—I was focused on fiction. And I do love writing fiction, but I also just like…writing.

So, this is where I’m going to share other things. Reviews, other opinion pieces, thoughts about my work in technology, thoughts about the world in general. There may eventually be a theme, but part of “getting out of my own way” is not worrying about a theme right up front. Just writing what seems like the thing to write about at the time.

Because this is somewhat improvised, it’s also not very built out yet. The logo is auto-generated, I don’t have a lot of the other accoutrements of a fully-fledged newsletter “business”, and so, while I have subscriptions enabled (because that’s kind of what Substack is about), I’m not going to be expecting anything in that regard until I have a lot more of a track record to make it worth your while.

For now, grab your favourite beverage, and let’s see where this takes us!