Status Update (7 April 2024 CE)

The next chapters of Things Fall Apart are now queued up to find their way to you all starting in the morning (in fact, given how late I'm posting this, most of you will probably see it right after this post!). I had time and energy tonight to get things set up through May, in fact.

We are rapidly approaching the part where I'm going to have to actually start writing what comes next, again 😁 I am encouraged to do so, though, by the fact that several people in just the last two days have made a point of telling me how much they're enjoying the story! I really appreciate that!

I've got some more radio adventures to write up, as well, but this last week got derailed by a head cold (ick).

We're a few days from this newsletter's first year anniversary. It's changed a lot from my original conception. I'm not going to lie: The Orange Menace's success in buttoning down the GOP nomination has made it hard to talk about hopeful topics, which was one of the original themes I'd hoped to explore here. Still, I'm going to be looking for opportunities to do so.

We're going to need that hope more than ever, I think, soon.

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